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Tutorials from YouTube
Part 1

There are many places you will find resources to help you with your art. From deviantART's own vast resources, tutorials, stock images provided by artists to your public library, bookstores, art sessions to name a few. YouTube is one such resource hub. From live video which explains materials and products you would need for your traditional or digital artwork, to painting demonstrations that are live to 'speedpaints', they offer various ways audio-visual medium and such a large diversity of artists help with getting help you need. You are encouraged to find more and browse more to research, study and practice.
This Resources for Artists is the 3rd in the series of the article, and the 1st chapter for the YouTube resources list. If you have any links to amazing tutorials, video demonstrations, YouTube channels that you are aware of, do share them below in the comments and they will likely appear in the next series. You are welcome to share this article! :)


FZD School of Design provides an education in entertainment design and their YouTube channel provides a lot of demonstrations to create concept designs for games, feature films, consumer products and focusing on the fundamentals understandings and some insights you would require to be in the career. This is not a full study channel as those are actually taught in their actual courses, however, the demonstrations and explanations given are of tremendous help and could be applied to various types of works you do, whether digital or traditional.
Some videos are shown below (part 1 of the videos shown):

Oldest to Newest
You are encouraged to go through them serially as oftentimes, advices are often repeated or continued.

Episode 1: Shot Setup Part 1

Episode 4: Sea Monster Part 1

Episode 6: Floating Bugs Part 1

Episode 8: Skull Village Part 1

Episode 19: Portfolio Prep Part 1

Episode 20: Portfolio Part 1

Episode 29: FOV in Games Part 1

Episode 36: Traditional Mediums

Episode 37: Inspiration

Episode 38: Reference Books Part 1

Episode 52: Visual Library

Ctrl+Paint - Digital Painting Simplified

Vimeo Special!

o_O But, phoenixleo, this is not YouTube! :noes: Yes, yes, it isn't, but if anything in the world deserves a special recognition in a YouTube article, it's this one to begin with!
Everyone starts as a beginner. You ask, "how do I start painting digitally in [insert software]?". Well, here's the answer! Ctrl+Paint is dedicated to the basics of digital painting, brought to you by Matt Kohr. Built in a curriculum setting, you will find various sections to help you, from Digital Painting 101, Traditional Drawing, Composition Basics, Anatomy, Perspective, Mindset and Habits, etc!

Some videos are shown below:

Video Library

1) Digital Painting 101: Part 1: Intro

2) Traditional Drawing: Crosshatching

2) Traditional Drawing: Constructive Form Part 1

3) Drawing 2: Sketching With Lines

3) Drawing 2: Fluid Linework

3) Drawing 2: Line Weight


Currently, it's presence on YouTube being of an year, ProkoTV has been one of the rising channels for drawing resources. Video instructions are shortened versions of the actual fee version of the videos in the main website, it's nonetheless helpful for both beginners and advanced artists. Taught in a easy and sometimes humorous method, it will help with various concepts such as anatomy, values, perspective, form, shading, etc!
Some videos are shown below:

Videos from oldest to newest

How to the Draw Head from Any Angle

Also watch:
:bulletblue:How to Draw the Head - Front View
:bulletblue:How to Draw the Head - Side View

How to Draw Eyes - Structure

Also watch:
:bulletblue:How to Draw an Eye - Step by Step

Shading Light and Form - Basics

The Basic Elements - Shape, Value, Colour and Edge

The Illusion of Depth - Contrast, Aerial Perspective and Form

Also watch:
:bulletblue:The Illusion of Depth - Perspective, Details and Overlapping Forms
:bulletblue:The Illusion of Depth - Edge, Line, Cast Shadow, and Paint Thickness

How To Draw Gesture

Also watch:
:bulletblue:How to Draw Gesture - Step by Step

How to Simplify the Motion of the Torso - The Bean

Structure Basics - Making Things Look 3D

Landmarks of the Human Body

Also watch:
:bulletblue:Landmarks Example - Step by Step

Previous issue:

Resources For Artists: Colour Scheme Tools
Resources For Artists: Art of Civilizations Past

There's more to come in the next issue! Again, if you have more links of videos and/or channels, don't hesitate to link to them in the comments below!
Don't forget to share them, fave it, bookmark it and spread it around! :love:
Take care! :huggle:

Our poor little group is desperate need of some new life. We're still getting submissions, though not as many as we used to. However, submissions are still expiring, so to help us out, we need a few people willing to come in and just vote on things. You still must meet our qualifications which can be found on the group's front page.  But seriously, even if you don't there's no harm in sending an application.

We should have more then enough mods now to handle our submissions. Thanks for the support! :dummy: Now if only people would submit more then artwork and PSDs to us. :stare:
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ryoaditya Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for accepting my request!
Barnes-Daishaun15 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016
Where's the join button
Barnes-Daishaun15 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016
Does anyone here knows how to animate your 2D cel shaded anime character in Photoshop step by step.
Mangakido Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys. Asking another question because I got such great help last time. I believe it is a harder question, however. (This is long but I wish to give details for my problem. THANK you in advance to any who can help!)

:bulletblue: As of recently, I've noticed that when my Photoshop is exporting my recent picture of "space", that the picture is not exactly 100% not the same quality. You would have to be looking to notice or have experience with Photoshop I guess.

:bulletblue: Either way, my beautiful wallpaper like background filled with gaussian blurs, star brushes and layers upon layers of colors with their opacity lowered isn't working out.

:bulletblue: Instead, when Photoshop exports it I get a downgraded version that doesn't show all those lovely blurs or the colors properly. So you can see why I'm a little frustrated.

:bulletblue: I have an older version but its really never giving me any problems so it's kinda weird that anything is starting now. I've tried troubleshooting which takes me to the latest site in german (which doesn't help) and I went as far as going through a link provided through the program.

(…) Doesn't seem to have helped either though.

:bulletblue: I started wondering if it was a setting when I export them as .png but all the options are mainly unavailable to check. I'm a rather fast mouse mover and clicker so it's entirely possible I clicked a setting I know nothing about and is why I can't remember. I've even considered that it may be possible that when exporting images containing layers of blurs that Photoshop doesn't even recognize it or has a minor default to "slightly touch up images". I wouldn't even know where to go to change such a setting!

:bulletblue: Regardless, I've spent a couple of hours having fun making up stars and glows just for it to never be used or see the light of day. I was really wanting to share it too! :(

I am using CS3 if that's any help. Thanks.
(1 Reply)
Mangakido Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Question: How do I "save as" or "export" animated gifs from Photoshop CS and higher? I have one ready and made but haven't been able to save it as a layered, frame animation. I've tried searching in Photoshop's default help but still have been unsuccessful. Could someone please tell me how to save your gif animated?
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Dark-Lord-of-Sith Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Student General Artist
Posting my question/request here. Almost a year ago I had a house fire. Most of the photos my family has gotten back I can fix no problem. However we got back one photo that has a level of damage don't know how to fix. It has a few levels of damage. I posted the photo in question months ago to my personal page asking for help and now I have time to look at it again and I see why I posted it asking for help. Is there anyone who can look at it and offer help?
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