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Submission Rules

Fri Apr 29, 2011, 11:51 AM by JRCnrd:iconjrcnrd:

This purpose of this blog is to provide something for the admins to link back to when people post things which violate our submission rules.

Universial Gallery Rules
:bulletgreen: Absolutely NO NON-RESOURCE ARTWORK is allowed!. All non-resource artwork submission will be denied on the spot. You get one warning, and after that warning, YOU WILL BE BANNED

:bulletgreen: Absolutely NO OFF-SITE RESOURCES. All submissions must be hosted on deviantART. There are plenty of other groups out there that do accept off-site resources, such as Divine-Tutorials, or PSDVault, to name a few.

:bulletgreen: No stock art, line art, texture packs, or anything along those lines. This group is meant purely for resources that are Photoshop-exclusive, such as ABRs, PATs, ect.

:bulletgreen: Please make sure to submit to the correct folder!. Some folders even have subfolders, and we only accept submissions to the subfolders, to keep things organized. We do not accept misplaced submissions. We don't feel it is our responsibility to continually reorganize the gallery just because a few people can't read.

Deviation-specific Rules
:bulletblue: Actions that do nothing more then add adjusments or other simple things are not allowed. These types of actions are way too common for their own good. We feel these shouldn't even be uploaded in the first place. Why? Simple. They're designed to adjust photos to look "pretty" however, every person has their own taste, and every photo is different. These actions simply cannot be applied to every single photo, and as such, shouldn't really be uploaded in the first place. We accept actions are a little bit more creative.

:bulletblue: No WIPs or series of WIPs with minor explanations are allowed. Why people think these seriously count as tutorials is beyond me. Yes it's all well and good that you want to show people your process, but a majority of these can only be applied to pretty picture being showed off, and nothing else. If you would like tips and tricks for writing a tutorial, check this guide out:


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